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Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club Specialty

2024 Specialty

Dixon May Fairgrounds

GGLRC 62nd Stand-alone Specialty, Friday October 24, 2024

Dogs and Intersex: TBD

Bitches: TBD

4-6 Month Puppy: TBD

Sweepstakes: TBD

Obedience/Rally: TBD



GGLRC 63rd Designated Specialty, Saturday, October 25, 2024 (with Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers)

Dogs and Intersex: TBD

Bitches: TBD

Sweepstakes: TBD



GGLRC Supported Entry for the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers show, Sunday, October 26, 2024

Labrador Judge: TBD



Specialty Committee Chairs

Advertising: Kim Roberts

Catalog Sales: Kim Sweetnam

Grounds: Terri Herigstad, Lisa Columbani, Ronald Kelly

Trophies: Terri Herigstad, Lisa Columbani, & Jenni Lin

Exhibitors’ Hospitality: Chris Hempel & Maureen Degnan

Judges’ Liaison: Lorrie Bellows, Ronald Kelly, & Jennifer Kelly

Judges' Hospitality: Ronald Kelly, & Jennifer Kelly

Silent Auction: Vivian Poole and Sharon Ventura

Wine & Cheese Reception: Terri Herigstad, Michael Marcotte, Ronald Kelly, Jennifer Kelly